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Flag Augsburg, Banner Augsburg
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Background knowledge

The flag of Augsburg is a tricolor in red, green and white. These are also the city colors.
In the center is the coat of arms, which shows a green pine nut on a green capital (upper part of the column).

The coat of arms is officially described as:
In a shield divided by red and silver a green pine nut on a golden capital.

In the course of time, the "golden capital" has become a green capital.

Interesting sights in Ausburg are the Fuggerei, the botanical garden and the Augsburger Puppenkist.

Additions from Wikipedia:
The oldest verifiable city seal of Augsburg from the year 1237 shows a two-towered city gate with a battlement wall and a star above it. In the archway is a tree of life, and from 1260 a grape on foot, probably alluding to the name of the town "Augster", which represents a variety of grape.

In the 15th century, a green grape is depicted in a red and white shield, which is changed by the discovery of a pine cone (probably the top of a Roman tomb) in 1467: Since then, a pine nut is depicted instead of the grape. The head on the capital is traceable since 1521, the mural crown only since 1811. The meaning of these symbols is not clear. The city colors have been known since 1372. On the occasion of the 2000-year celebration in 1985, the coat of arms was redesigned according to the taste of the times.

The pine nut, as a stylized pine cone, was the field emblem of the Roman legion of the Roman camp and became the symbol of the later Roman capital of the province of Raetia. Even today, the pine nut can be found on numerous buildings and walls throughout the city as a sign of Augsburg's dignity.

The pine nut stands in a red and white split shield, which can be traced back to the banner of the Bishop of Augsburg and the High Chapter. Here, as with old field signs of the Duchy of Swabia, the colors red and white were worn.

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