Flag of Tanzania

Flag Tanzania, Banner Tanzania
Aspect ratio:
Vexillological symbol:
National flag on land and sea
Nominally: Dodoma (approx. 300,000 inhabitants), de facto: Dar es Salaam (approx. 3 million inhabitants)
945.087 km²
Kiswahili; language of education and communication: English
Tanzania Shilling (TZS)
accepted at:

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Diagonally from a black stripe outlined in yellow (from lower left to upper right); the upper triangle is green, the lower blue.


Composer: Enoch Mankayi Sontonga Songwriter: diverse

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Tanzania

This is what an AI says about the Tanzanian flag
The flag of Tanzania is a symbol of the unity of the country. The flag has three horizontal stripes in black, green and yellow. The yellow stripe at the top symbolizes the country's resources and the hope for a happy future. The green stripe in the middle represents the country's agriculture and nature. The black stripe at the bottom symbolizes the African population.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Tanzanian flag
The flag of Tanzania was introduced on November 30, 1964 after independence from Great Britain. It consists of four diagonal, evenly spaced stripes in black, yellow, green and blue. Each stripe represents one of the four elements: earth, sun, water and air. The black stripe symbolizes the Tanzanian people, the yellow stripe represents the country's natural resources, the green stripe represents nature, and the blue stripe represents the sea.
This is how an AI describes the Tanzanian flag
The national flag of Tanzania is a vertical tricolor of three stripes of equal width. The top stripe is green, the middle stripe is black and the bottom stripe is yellow. In the center of the flag is a blue triangle with a white star in it. The green stripe represents agriculture and nature, the black stripe symbolizes the African population and the yellow stripe represents the country's minerals and resources. The white star stands for the unity of the country.

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