Flag of Saudi Arabia

Flag Saudi Arabia, Banner Saudi Arabia
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Service and war flag on land and at sea
Saudi Arabia
2.150.000 km²
Arabic, English is also widely used as a business language
Saudi Riyal (SAR)
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Green with large Arabic script in the middle of the flag ; above it is a horizontally lying saber with its tip pointing towards the flagpole;


Green is the traditional color of Islam. The Arabic inscription says "There is only one God. Muhammad is the prophet of God.". This profession of faith is called the Shahada. It is required by law that the text should traditionally read from right to left (on both sides of the flag!). The sword symbolizes the sword of Abd al Aziz ibn Saud (or Abd al Aziz ibn Sa'ud ), the founder and king of Saudi Arabia, who conquered large parts of Arabia in the early 20th century.


Composer: عبد الرحمن الخطيب (Abdul Rahman Al-Khateeb) Songwriter: إبراهيم خفاجي (Ibrahim Khafaji)

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Saudi Arabia

This is what an AI says about the Saudi arabian flag
The flag of Saudi Arabia consists of a green square with a white crescent and a white star on the left side. The color green symbolizes the Muslim creed and the white symbols represent the purity of Islam. The flag is a symbol of the country's national identity and is also used in many other Islamic countries.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Saudi arabian flag
The national flag of Saudi Arabia is a symbol of Arab nationalism. It was first introduced in 1973 when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established. It consists of a green square that contains the Islamic creeds through a white font.
This is how an AI describes the Saudi arabian flag
The national flag of Saudi Arabia consists of a green rectangle containing a white six-pointed star symbol. In the center of the star is a larger red six-pointed symbol. The background of the flag is green, which is a symbol of the Islamic religion. The white star symbolizes the unity of the Arab countries, while the red six-pointed star symbol represents the House of Saud's rule over the country.

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