Flag of Luxembourg

Flag Luxembourg, Banner Luxembourg
Aspect ratio:
1:2 + 3:5
Vexillological symbol:
National flag on land
2.586 km²
Letzebuergisch, official language is French
Euro (EUR)
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Composer: Jean Antoine Zinnen (1827-1898) Songwriter: Michel Lentz (1820-1893)

The homeland:

Where the Alzette runs through the meadows,

the Sauer breaks through the rocks,

where the vine blooms fragrantly along the Moselle,

the sky makes wine for us,

that is our land, for which we would

dare everything down here,

our homeland, which we carry so deeply

in our hearts.

In its dark forest wreath,

silently guarded by peace,

so devoid of pomp and costly splendor,

"its people, laughing sweetly,

his people can gladly say to themselves,

and they are not empty dreams,

how cozy it is to live in,

how is it so good at home.

Song, song of mountain and valley,

of the earth that bore us.

Love has a faithful echo

in every breast carried,

for home no way is too beautiful

every word that sounds from her

grips our soul like heavenly notes

and the eye flashes like fire.

O Thou above, whose hand

guides the nations through the world

Protect the land of Luxembourg

from foreign yoke and suffering.

You have already given us all as children

the free spirit.

Let the sun of freedom continue to shine

that we have seen for so long.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Luxembourg

This is what an AI says about the Luxembourgish flag
The flag of Luxembourg was first officially adopted in 1972. It consists of three horizontal stripes in the colors red, white and blue. The flag is a symbol of the unity and solidarity of the country. It is also a symbol of the independence and freedom of Luxembourg.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Luxembourgish flag
The Luxembourg national flag was used for the first time in 1845. It consists of a red square surrounded by a stripe of white and blue fabric. The flag is a variant of the French Tricolore, which was introduced in 1790. Since then it has been used as a symbol of Luxembourg's independence.
This is how an AI describes the Luxembourgish flag
The national flag of Luxembourg consists of two horizontal stripes in the colors red and white. The upper stripe is red and the lower stripe is white. In the center of the flag there is a red coat of arms with a golden lion. The lion is the symbol of the country and represents its independence and pride.

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