Flag of Bolivia

Flag Bolivia, Banner Bolivia
Aspect ratio:
Vexillological symbol:
Official flag on land and at sea
constitutional: Sucre, seat of government: La Paz
1.098.581 km²
South America
Spanish; Quechua (21.8%), Aymara (14.9%), Guarani (0.005%).
Boliviano (BOB)
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Background knowledge

The current flag of Bolivia was introduced on 14.07.1888. It consists of three horizontal stripes in red, yellow and green. Red stands for wildlife, yellow for mineral wealth and green for vegetation and agriculture. Red also symbolizes the courage and bravery of Bolivian soldiers. The colors of the flag go back to the first president of the country, Antonio José de Sucre (1795-1830). In 1826, he had introduced a flag in the colors yellow, red and green, which was based on the design of the flag of Great Colombia. In 1851, a new order of colors was established, which is still maintained today, and the stripes appeared for the first time in the same width.
The current national coat of arms of Bolivia was introduced in 1888, and essentially dates back to the 1825 coat of arms. It originally showed nine stars representing the nine departments of the country. In 1963, the tenth star was added to commemorate the department of Cobija, which Bolivia lost to Chile in the Pacific War (1879?1884). The oval shield shows the mountain of Potosí, representing wealth in minerals and ores, and a landscape with an alpaca, a sheaf and a palm tree, representing natural wealth. The sun is a symbol of the Incas, and the condor above the shield symbolizes freedom.

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Three equal horizontal stripes (red, yellow, green) with the national emblem of Bolivia centered.


Composer: Leopoldo Benedetto Vincenti Songwriter: José Ignacio de Sanjinés

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