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Flag Chile, Banner Chile
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National flag on land and sea
Santiago de Chile
756.627 km²
South America
Chilean Peso (CLP)
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Background knowledge

The flag of Chile was introduced on 17.10.1817. It features two horizontal stripes of white and red, and in the white stripe on the staff side, a blue square with a white five-pointed star. The red represents the blood shed to gain independence, the white represents the snow on the mountain peaks of the Andes, and the blue represents the sky over Chile. The white star is interpreted as the Star of Liberty, and also represents the honor of the country and progress. The flag represents a simplified form of the U.S. star banner, and is said to have been commissioned by the Minister of War, Zenteno, after its design by the English painter Charles Wood. However, the colors are almost certainly from one of the flags of the First Republic ("Patria Vieja").

The national coat of arms was adopted in 1834, and shows the colors of the flag. It was designed by the Minister of War, Zenteno. Under the shield is a banner with the motto "Por la Razon o la Fuerza" => "With reason or force", dating from the time of the battles against the Spanish. Shield holders are an Andean deer (Huemul) and a condor.

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Two equal horizontal stripes (white, red); on the left is a blue rectangle that goes halfway up the flag and bears a white five-pointed star; blue symbolizes the sky, white the snow-capped Andes, and red the blood spilled in the fight for independence. The US flag served as a model for the flag's design.


Composer: Ramon Carnicer i Batlle Songwriter: Eusebio Lillo Robles, Bernardo de Vera y Pintado

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This is what an AI says about the Chilean flag
The Chilean flag was introduced on October 18, 1817 and is one of the oldest flags in Latin America. It consists of two horizontal stripes of equal size, blue at the top and white at the bottom, and a red square in the center. In the red square there is a white five-pointed star banner, which is a symbol of freedom.
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The national flag of Chile was first used in 1817, when Chile became an independent nation. It consists of two horizontal stripes, a white upper stripe and a red lower stripe, connected by a blue band with white stars. This design was officially recognized as the national flag in 1834 and has remained unchanged until today.
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The national flag of Chile consists of two horizontal stripes in the colors blue and red and a white star in the middle. The upper stripe is blue and the lower stripe is red. The white star in the center is on a blue background and symbolizes the leadership and hope of the country. The white star is also the symbol of Chile's infinite freedom.