Flag of Benin

Flag Benin, Banner Benin
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National flag on land and sea
Political: Porto-Novo, Economic: Cotonou
114.763 km²
French, besides numerous tribal languages
Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc (XOF)
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Background knowledge

From November 1959 to 30.11.1975 the present flag was already the national flag of Dahomey. On 30.11.1975 the country was renamed to Benin. The green flag with the red star, introduced on this day and maintained until 01.08.1990, corresponded to the color inversion of the red flag of the People's Revolutionary Party of Benin. The green on this flag stood for agriculture, the red for revolution and socialism, and the red star itself for national unity. The flag of Dahomey has been reinstated since 01.08.1990. It consists of a vertical green stripe on the pole and two horizontal stripes in yellow and red in the flying end of the flag.

? The colors green, yellow and red are the Pan-African colors. Around 1900, the Pan African movement began, which wanted to emphasize commonalities among all people with black skin color. The color triad green-yellow-red, which many African and also American countries adopted in their flags after gaining independence, stands for the political unity of Africa, indeed of all black people. The first country to do so was Ghana in 1957, and the national colors of Athiopia (Abyssinia), the oldest independent state in Africa, are considered to be the origin.

? The colors yellow and green symbolize the division between the dry, northern part of the savannahs and the southern, wetter part of Benin with its palm forests. The two parts are connected by red, the spilled blood. Red also stands for national unity.

The shield of the coat of arms of Benin is quartered. The first silver field depicts typical residential buildings, the second silver field depicts the highest order of the country, the third silver field depicts a coconut palm, and the fourth silver field depicts a black three-masted sailing ship on blue ocean waves. The quarters of the coat of arms thus represent the people, glorious past, industrial production and trade. In the center of the shield is a small red diamond.shield holders are two golden panthers. Above the shield are two black cornucopias, from which corn cobs are peeping out. On a silver banner below the coat of arms is the motto: "Fraternité, Justice, Travail" => "Fraternity, Justice, Work". The present coat of arms was already introduced in 1964 for Dahomey and, like the flag of Dahomey, confirmed on 01.08.1990. In the years 1975?1990 the coat of arms showed a green disk, surrounded by a wreath from corn cobs which were connected with a red tape. In the upper part of the green disc was a red five-pointed star and in the lower part, immediately on the edge of the disc, the blade of a circular saw.

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Two horizontal fields of equal size (yellow and red), bordered on the left by a vertical green band.


Composer: Gilbert Jean Dagnon Songwriter: Gilbert Jean Dagnon

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Benin

This is what an AI says about the Beninese flag
The flag of Benin was introduced in 1975 after the independence of the country. It is a combination of red, yellow and green colors known as Pan-African Colors. These colors symbolize the solidarity and unity of all African countries. The flag consists of a red stripe at the top, a yellow stripe in the middle and a green stripe at the bottom.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Beninese flag
The national flag of Benin was introduced in 1975 and represents the unity of the country. It consists of two vertical stripes in green and yellow divided by a red band. In the center of the flag is a white cross, which is a symbol of unity and peace.
This is how an AI describes the Beninese flag
The national flag of Benin is a tri-color banner in yellow, red and green. The upper part of the flag is yellow, the middle part is red and the lower part is green. In the center of the flag is a white five-pointed star symbol, which stands for the unity of the republic.

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