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Flag Poland

Poland Flag Poland Flag
Poland Flag
Poland Flag
Poland Flag Poland Flag

Poland Flag

Poland Flag

Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska)
312,678 km²
5:8 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Poland-Flag:

The flag of Poland was introduced in 1919 and has been regulated since 1997 as a national symbol by the Polish constitution. Since 2004, in Poland on 2 May celebrated a flag day.

Description of the Polish flag

The national flag of Poland is a horizontally split into white and red flag, the state flag used on formal occasions also shows the Polish national emblem in the center of the white stripe. The red color was introduced after the 1919 flag is not set initially. In 1921 by the Ministry of Military Affairs was published the brochure "emblem and flag of the Republic of Poland", was set in the purple. However, 1928 was the Polish president that Vermilion is the correct tone. This color was retained until 1980, before the Polish Parliament on the colors of the flag of the 31st January 1980 stipulated by the standards of the International Commission on Illumination to red.

History of the Polish flag

Since the beginning of the 13th Century, the white eagle is the symbol of Poland. In conjunction with the red shield it has laid the foundation for many banners and flags of the country and its rulers.

From 1815, the former Duchy of Warsaw was as Congress Poland in personal union with the Russian Empire. This was also in the flag. The white Polish eagle was in the jack at a red background on a white flag with the blue St. Andrew's Cross, the symbol of czarist Russia. This flag remained until 1918 exist.

During the November Uprising 1830/31 used Poland is now known white and red flag. During the January Uprising in 1863 we added another a coat of arms in the white stripe.

The current flag was adopted on 1 August 1919 officially introduced. When introduced it was indistinguishable from the old Czechoslovak flag only by the aspect ratio, but the latter was changed 1920th.

During the German occupation during World War II used the Polish Home Army, the white and red flag with the addition of so-called Kotwica. After the war, the old flag was on 20 March restored 1956th.

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