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Flag Mongolia

Mongolia Flag Mongolia Flag
Mongolia Flag
Mongolia Flag
Mongolia Flag Mongolia Flag

Mongolia Flag

Mongolia Flag

Mongolia (Mongol Uls)
1,565,000 km²
Khalkha Mongol (90%), Turkic, Russian
1:2 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Mongolia-Flag:

The flag of Mongolia is divided vertically into three equal strips.

The middle blue stripe symbolizes the "eternal heaven", the two red stand for progress and prosperity. The blue sky is also considered a centuries-old Mongolian national color. The Sojombo icon, which is located in the pylon side strips, from ancient Mongolian characters, propagate the wisdom, freedom of will, the longing for peace and justice. It is also found in the middle of the emblem of Mongolia. As the last Khan died in 1924, the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party called on 26 November 1924, the People's Republic, and on the same day, the Parliament adopted the Constitution, were anchored to the seal, coat of arms and flag. The first national flag was on the Soviet model in the middle of a red cloth, the blue coat of arms. This consisted of the Sojombo and including a Buddhist Lotus Flower "Badmalinchova". The Sojombo sign was put in front like a treble clef all texts. It became a symbol of the liberation of the Manchu rule. The current flag was adopted on 13 Officially launched in January 1992 along with the new constitution. With the amendment of the Constitution is not only the name of Mongolia Mongolia has changed, but also on 23 Introduced in February 1949 flag. The star, which symbolizes communism was removed from the Sojombo.

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