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The Eureka Stockade flag is dark blue and features a type of St. George's cross in the center, with a white octagonal star at each of its ends and at its intersection.The Eureka Stockade flag dates back to the uprising of the same name that took place from November 29 to December 3, 1854. Led by Irishman Peter Lalors, protesting miners from the Eureka Stockade camp campaigned for the release of captured compatriots, universal suffrage, secret ballots and many other reforms.Many miners, soldiers and policemen died in this uprising.

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This is what an AI says about the Eureka Stockade flag
The Eureka Stockade flag is a symbol of Australian nationalism. It was created in 1854 by miners in Ballarat, Victoria, as a sign of protest against oppression by the British colonial government. The flag is also a symbol of working class solidarity and independence from oppression. It is a symbol of freedom for Australian citizens and a symbol of hope for a better future.
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The historic Eureka Stockade flag was designed in 1854 in Ballarat Goldfields, Australia. It consists of a white cross on a blue background illuminated with five white stars. The flag was used as a symbol of resistance to British colonial rule and is now considered one of the most important symbols of Australian independence.
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The historical flag of the Eureka Stockade is a blue banner with a white cross in the center. The cross is decorated with five white stars at the four corners and a sixth star in the center. The sixth star represents the five liberties claimed by the Eureka Rebels at the Battle of Ballarat in 1854. The flag also symbolizes solidarity among workers and a common demand for justice. It is a symbol of rebellion and struggle for freedom and equality.

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