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Flag Sweden, Banner Sweden
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Civil flag and official flag ashore, merchant and official flag at sea
449.964 km²
Swedish krona (SEK)
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Composer: früheres Volkslied, Komponist unbekannt Songwriter: Richard Dybeck (1811-1877)

You old, you free land:

Thou old, thou free, thou mountainous north,

Thou silent, thou joyful fair one!

I greet you friendliest land on earth,

/: Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy green meadows. :/

You believe in memories of glorious days,

when Your name was revered throughout the world.

I know that you are, and you remain what you were.

/: Yes, I want to live and die in the North. :/

I will always serve You my beloved land,

I pledge allegiance to you until my death.

Your right I will defend with skin and hair,

/: Your glorious flag I will carry high. :/

With God I will fight for house and home,

for Sweden, the beloved fatherland.

I won't trade you for anything in the world.

/: No, I will live and die in the North. :/

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Sweden

This is what an AI says about the Swedish flag
The Swedish flag is one of the oldest national flags in the world. It was first used in 1275 and represents the national ideals of Sweden. The flag consists of a golden cross on a blue background and is a symbol of unity and solidarity. It is a symbol of Swedish identity and is seen worldwide as a symbol of freedom and democracy.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Swedish flag
The Swedish national flag, also known as the "Three Crowns Flag", was first used in 1521. It was introduced one year after the coronation of King Gustav Vasa as King of Sweden. The flag consists of a white cross on a blue background represented by three golden crowns. The three crowns represent the three kingdoms of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
This is how an AI describes the Swedish flag
The Swedish national flag consists of a white cross on a blue background. The white cross is complemented in its four ends by a yellow pentagon. In the center of the cross is another, smaller yellow pentagon. The blue of the flag symbolizes the endless expanse of the Swedish sky. The white cross represents the Christian values of Sweden. The yellow pentagons are a tribute to the Swedish King Gustav Vasa, who introduced the cross as a symbol for Sweden.

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