Flag of Oman

Flag Oman, Banner Oman
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National flag on land, merchant and service flag at sea
309.500 km²
Arabic (business language also English)
Omani rial (OMR)
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Three horizontal stripes (white, red, green); wide vertical red stripe on the side of the flagpole; on top is a state emblem, a dagger and two crossed swords.


The red comes from the country's original (until 1970) pure red flag and represents a traditional color of the Gulf States. In 1970, Sultan Qaboos bin Said introduced new color elements into the flag. White symbolizes the Imam or the faith leader of the country of Oman and peace. The Güne band is meant to remind us of 'the green mountains' (Jebel al Akhdar) in the north of the country and at the same time symbolizes fertility. At the top left of the flag is the complex state emblem, which has existed since the mid-18th century and is the symbol of the Albusaidi dynasty. Two swords cross behind the traditional angled dagger (Gambia). Horizontally in the foreground extends a portion of an Arabian horse bridle.


Composer: James Frederick Mills, Bernard Ebbinghaus Songwriter: Rashid bin Uzayyiz Al Khusaidi

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Oman

This is what an AI says about the Omani flag
The flag of Oman consists of three evenly divided stripes, red, white and green. In the upper left corner is a red two-pronged sword, which is a symbol of the country's military service. In the upper right corner is a green, five-pointed star symbol, which is considered a symbol of the five pillars of Islam. The flag of Oman is a symbol of the country's unity and its loyalty to the Islamic faith. It is also considered a symbol of the country's peace and freedom.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Omani flag
The flag of Oman was adopted on December 17, 1995. It consists of three horizontal stripes in red, white and green, framed by a black trapezoid. The symbol in the center is a white sword standing on a red shield bearing a crown. The flag is a symbol of progress and independence of the country. It is a reminder of the history and culture of Oman.
This is how an AI describes the Omani flag
The national flag of Oman consists of three horizontal stripes in white, red and green. The white stripe is at the top, the red stripe in the middle and the green stripe at the bottom. In the center of the flag is a red coat of arms with two sword blades connected by a twelve-pointed star.

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