Flag of Tokyo (metropolitan area)

Flag Tokyo (metropolitan area), Banner Tokyo (metropolitan area)
13 km²

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Background knowledge

The flag of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (also: Tokyo) was introduced on September 30, 1989.The symbol was chosen by a special committee from 20 proposals. The symbol was developed by Rei Yoshimura, a graphic designer.The green, vibrant symbol is meant to reflect the T of Tokyo. It is meant to represent the positive qualities of Tokyo: Dynamism, prosperity, abundance/wealth, relaxation.The green T also looks very similar to a Gingko leaf. Gingko is the tree of the metropolis of Tokyo.

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Region flag is a symbol of the capital of the country of Japan. It was introduced in 1964 and consists of a white circle in the center surrounded by a blue field. The white circle symbolizes the unity of the metropolitan region and the blue color represents the local culture. The flag also symbolizes the hope that the Tokyo Metropolitan Region will continue to be a peaceful and harmonious home for the people.
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The flag of the city of Tokyo was introduced on May 1, 1889. It consists of a white circle on a red background, which is a symbol of the sun and the unity of the country. The circle is flanked by two black wavy lines symbolizing the currents of the Sumida River.
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The flag of the city of Tokyo in Japan is a white rectangle with a red circle in the center. The red circle symbolizes the sun, which is a symbol of happiness and leadership. The white background represents purity and innocence and represents the progressiveness of the city. The circle is also a symbol of the unity of the Japanese people.

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