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Flag Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Flag Azerbaijan Flag
Azerbaijan Flag
Azerbaijan Flag
Azerbaijan Flag Azerbaijan Flag

Azerbaijan Flag

Azerbaijan Flag

Republik Aserbaidschan (Azerbaycan Respublikasi)
Baku (Baki)
86,600 km²
Azerbaijani (Azeri) 89%, Russian 3%, Armenian 2%, other 6%
1:2 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Azerbaijan-Flag:

The flag of Azerbaijan was adopted on 5 February 1990 the flag was introduced by the then Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic. The design of the national flag has been largely taken over by the flag of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, which was modified slightly. For example, the aspect ratio was changed from 2:3 to 1:2, which corresponds to the Soviet flag tradition. The 9th November, when 1918 was the first time the flag is introduced, after a presidential decree of 2009, the National Flag Day.

Description and significance

National flag as the Republic of Azerbaijan is a blue-red-green horizontally split cloth strip in the middle is a white crescent and an eight-pointed star is shown.

Importance in the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan

In the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan and the three colors of the crescent and eight-pointed star had the following meanings:

- Blue: symbol of belonging to the Azerbaijani Turkic.
- Red: symbol for the ongoing development of Azerbaijani culture.
- Green: symbol of Islam.
- Half Moon: Another symbol of Islam. That the Turkish flag was borrowed.
- Star: symbol for the eight person-Arabic letters, which was written the name of Azerbaijan.

Importance in the Republic of Azerbaijan

In today's Azerbaijan colors, crescent and star have these meanings:

- Blue: symbol of the freedom of Azerbaijan, which manifests itself through the boundless sky over the vast country.
- Red: Symbol for the present life of Azerbaijanis.
- Green: symbol for the future of Azerbaijan that is manifesting in the natural environment.
- Crescent: symbol of the country's dominant religion, Islam.
- Star: symbol of the eight Turkic peoples from which it has over the centuries, today's Azerbaijani nation formed.

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