Flag of Algeria

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National flag on land and sea
2.380.000 km²
Arabic (official), French, Berber dialects
Algerian dinar (DZD)
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Background knowledge

The flag of Algeria shows two vertical stripes in green and white, above that, "above all", a red half-moon with a red five-jagged star. The color green, the half-moon and the star are symbols of Islam, while red is the color of socialism. The white color stands for uprightness and honesty. It goes back to a standard of the freedom-hero Abd el-Kader (1808-1883). The flag was first in use in 1925 at anti French demonstrations. Afterward it was adopted by the Algerian People's Party, and in 1954 even by the National Liberation Front (FLN). On 3rd of July in 1962, the independence day, the flag was officially hoisted up. As the creator of the flag counts Messali Haj.
Since 1962 - following French heraldic tradition - in Algeria was not a coat of arms in use, but a state seal. First it was black and white, later colored, too. It was round and showed a red star and a red half-moon in the middle, and above the half-moon three ears, two flags and the hand of Fatima, a symbol of luck. All this was surrounded with a garland of a palm tree twig and an oil twig.
In the year 1971 was introduced a coat of arms, its shield was borrowed from the flag of the state. In the upper part of the coat of arms was positioned the abbreviation of the name of the state in Arabian. In 1976 was introduced a new seal. Besides the hand of Fatima and the half-moon with the star it shows even a mountain scenery with the rising sun, industrial structures and agricultural plants.

Two equal vertical stripes (green and white); red, five-pointed star in a red crescent centered on the border between the two stripes; the crescent, the star and the color green are traditional symbols of Islam, the state religion.

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