Flag of Vatican City / Vatican City State

Flag Vatican City / Vatican City State, Banner Vatican City / Vatican City State
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National flag on land
Vatican City / Vatican City State
Vatican City
1 km²
Latin, Italian
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Composer: Charles Gounod (1818–1893) Songwriter: lateinische Text: Evaristo d'Anversa; italienische Text: Monsignore Antonio Allegra (1905–1969)

Roma, alma parens, Sanctorum Martyrumque,Nobile carmen, te decete, sonorumque,Gloria in excelsis, paternæ maiestatiPax et in terra fraternæ caritatiAd te clamamus, Angelicum pastorem:Quam vere refers, Tu mitem Redemptorem!Magister Sanctum, custodis dogma Christi,Quod unun vitæ, solamen datur isti.Non prævalebunt horrendæ portæ infernæ,Sed vis amoris veritatisque æternæ.Salve, Roma! In te æterna stat historia,Inclyta, fulgent gloria monumenta tot et aræ.Roma Petri et Pauli, cunctis mater tu redemptis,Lúmen cunctæ in facie gentis mundique sola spes!Salve, Roma! Cuius lux occasum nescit,Splendet, incandescit, et iniquo oppilat os.Pater Beatissime, annos Petri attinge, excedeUnum, quæsumus, concede: Tu nobis benedic.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Vatican City / Vatican City State

This is what an AI says about the Vatican flag
The flag of the Vatican City State is a symbol of the independence and autonomy of the state. It was introduced in 1929 by Pope Pius XI and consists of two equal yellow and white squares connected by a white cross. The white cross symbolizes the Christian religion, while the yellow and white colors represent the colors of the Pope.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Vatican flag
The Vatican national flag is a symbol of the sovereignty of the Vatican State. It was first officially adopted in 1929 and is a variation of the flag of the Papal States, which has been used since the 16th century. The flag consists of two horizontal stripes in yellow and white, separated by a golden papal cross.
This is how an AI describes the Vatican flag
The national flag of the Vatican City State is white and shows a golden key surrounded by a golden halo. The golden key represents the key of Peter, which is symbolic of the power of the Pope. The golden halo is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and represents the spiritual power of the Vatican.

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