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National flag on land and sea
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Background knowledge

The national flag of Ireland is vertically striped green, white and orange.

Again and again, you can also see Irish flags with a more yellowish stripes. Sometimes this arises from misinterpretation of the strip than gold, but this variant is also the official flag of County Offaly [1].

Officially, the colors are ascribed no meaning, but there are plenty of unofficial declarations. So shall green for the island and the Catholic population, are orange for the Protestant population and white for peace between the two denominations. Others see the green, the old Celtic tradition and orange stands for the supporters of William of Orange. White stood for the truce between the two parties.

Historically, it is true that Green has long had a tradition as the color of Irish freedom fighters and the orange color of the Protestants of Ulster, is derived from William of Orange. You should remember the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, in which the Protestant William defeated the Catholic James II.

Text courtesy of Flaggenlexikon.de


Composer: Partick Heeney (1881-1911), Peadar Kearney Songwriter: Peadar Kearney (1883-1942)

Soldier song:

We sing a song, a soldier's song,

in fiery and roaring chorus,

as we gather around our campfires.

The starry sky is above us;

Craving the approaching battle

As we wait for daybreak,

Here in the still of the night

We sing this soldier's song.


We are soldiers, our lives belong to Ireland;

Some came from a land beyond the waves.

We want to be free, nothing else our Irish people want

Let the oppressors and the oppressed hide;

Tonight we fight for our Irish homeland!

For Ireland, though in victory or defeat,

At the thunder of cannons and the bang of guns;

We sing this soldier's song.

In the green valleys and on mountain heights

Fought our fathers before us.

And conquered under the same time-honored flag,

Which now proudly flies above our heads.

We are children of a nation always ready to defend itself,

which nothing has ever disgraced.

Marching and looking the enemy in the face

We sing this soldier's song.


Sons of the Gaels! Men of the morning!

The long-awaited day is dawning;

The brave fighting men of Ireland

Will put the foe to flight.

Our campfires are now burnt down;

See in the east the silvery glow.

Over there the Saxons are already waiting,

So tune now to our soldier's song!


That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Ireland

This is what an AI says about the Irish flag
The national flag of Ireland is a tricolor consisting of three stripes of equal width arranged vertically in green, white and orange. The colors symbolize the historical conflicts between the country's religious groups, the Catholic Greens and the Protestant Oranges. The white stripes symbolize the desire for peace between the two groups. The flag was introduced in 1848 and today it is a symbol of national identity and patriotism.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Irish flag
The Irish national flag, also known as the Tricolour, was designed by Thomas Francis Meagher in 1848. It consists of three evenly spaced vertical stripes in green, white and orange. Green symbolizes the Republicans, orange represents the Protestants and white represents the reconciliation of the two sides. The flag has been used as a symbol of Irish independence and unity ever since.
This is how an AI describes the Irish flag
The national flag of Ireland consists of three equal stripes in the colors green, white and orange. The green stripe is on the high side of the flag and symbolizes the Republic of Ireland. The white stripe in the middle represents peace between the two cultures on the island. The orange stripe on the lower side of the flag represents the Protestant tradition.

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