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Flag Singapore

Singapore Flag Singapore Flag
Singapore Flag
Singapore Flag
Singapore Flag Singapore Flag

Singapore Flag

Singapore Flag

Republic of Singapore
647 km²
Chinese (official), Malay (official and national), Tamil (official), English (official)
2:3 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Singapore-Flag:

The flag of Singapore was on the 3rd December 1959 raised for the first time officially. The national flag of Singapore consists of two equal horizontal stripes: red top and white below. The color red symbolizes universal brotherhood and equality of man, white purity and virtue. In the upper left corner of a white crescent moon is shown, along with five white stars that form a circle. The crescent moon represents a young and rising nation, the five stars of Singapore's ideals. Democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality In the design of the flag had regard for the various ethnic groups are taken. Red was chosen for the Chinese population, as this is a traditional lucky color in Chinese culture. In addition, Red stands for courage in the Malay understanding. White was chosen as the color of purity in the Malay culture. As an example of the People's Republic of China of the Chinese population were demanded star on the flag. The Malays demanded that the crescent as an expression of Islam on the flag has its place. As a compromise, the government decided, five stars and a crescent on the flag represent - as opposed to flags of Muslim countries in which the crescent moon with a star is common.

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